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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

05.31.2010 Istanbul

A statement from the conference on "International Youth Forum," "V for cultural cooperation between the Muslim youth", held in Astnnbul rightly heinous crime committed this morning, he says, "So for those who fight because they did wrong and that God's power to the victory"
Continues throughout the world, including representatives of youth of the world Islamic Youth Forum of the Fifth International, being committed by the hands of brutal further injustice and aggression, which was not sanctioned by the divine law and human civilization and human value against the beleaguered people defenseless in the Gaza Strip, which lies in the perimeters more than a million and a half million people without any right of human life that is given to humanity without food, no cure and no shelter.
The action of the soldiers of the usurper Zionist entity the dawn of this day of attack and occupation of the naval vessels of freedom which carried part of the meanings of life, symbolic of the people of Gaza; that there is the rest of the pronouns on this earth will not forget and will never forget free the oppressed people in the sector, but that the hand of treachery and aggression, insisted to get rid of this spirit of pure before they reach the body of the besieged, h à landing ships attacked military and civilian shot at a free, wreak them martyrs and wounded and arrested oxygen transit to the Gaza Strip, adding another crime to record acts of terrorist aggression arrogant.
The International Youth Forum in this sad, to address the international community to intervene immediately to stop the heinous crime of being in the face of the Zionist monster predator pause reveal the ugly face of the usurper entity and lift the injustice against the besieged people, the right to land and history.
We also call on the OIC and the Arab League not to stand idly in front of the received and gets those oppressed of the aggression and deprivation in compliance with the verse 
وإن استنصروكم في الدين فعليكم النصر

We also call on all free men in the world to demonstrate and rise up in the streets, deploring and condemning this crime did not respect any human being on earth, and the payment systems of official positions bold in the direction of pressure on the United Nations and all parties to the international community to deter the Zionist entity and stop the crimes committed by IOF against the people Palestinian supporters and all for it.
"Faint not nor grieve, for ye must gain mastery if ye are believers"
"Glory be to God, His Prophet and the believers"
International Youth Forum
General President
Hassan Beetmaz

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